Management Message

The establishment of the BGC-IGC Consortium aligns with Pakistan’s economic growth objectives, coinciding with the advent of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). With a strong emphasis on real estate construction and development, the consortium seeks to foster collective prosperity and drive socioeconomic advancement. This purposeful collaboration has led to a diverse portfolio encompassing sectors such as hospitality, education, technology, and media.

According to Mr. Saad Nazir, the collaboration between the Blue Group of Companies and Imperium Group is poised to make a global impact. Additionally, the consortium aims to represent the country at international business forums, promoting a positive image of Pakistan and its people on the global stage.

According to Ch. Nadeem Ejaz, the imminent completion of CPEC marks a pivotal moment for our nation, positioning us at the precipice of success. It is now crucial to embrace this opportunity and make sound decisions to realize our shared dreams of prosperity. Understanding the significance of this prosperous future, Imperium Group of Companies has forged a collaboration with the Blue Group of Companies. With our existing involvement in real estate construction and development, we are committed to making significant contributions to the national economy by fostering business growth and entrepreneurial opportunities.

The BGC-IGC consortium extends its focus beyond real estate, encompassing key sectors such as technology, education, hospitality, retail, trading, food, automobile, and marketing. By offering a diverse range of services, we cater to the needs of our Pakistani and international clients. Through this collaboration, the BGC-IGC consortium stands prepared to serve our country and pave the way for a golden era of prosperity.

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