Sports Valley

Sports Valley

In a bid to promote tourism in the country, Blue World City developers are excited to introduce the remarkable “Sports Valley” within the BWC, catering specifically to sports enthusiasts. The newly unveiled Sports Valley Block will house Pakistan’s Biggest Cricket Stadium, boasting a seating capacity of nearly 55,000 spectators and accommodating up to 15,000 vehicles.

Surrounding the stadium, there will be impressive G+25 commercial hubs and apartment complexes, allowing both visitors and residents to enjoy live matches and vibrant sporting events. The Sports Valley will also feature over 25 recreational parks, along with dedicated courts for volleyball, futsal, badminton, tennis, and basketball.

Additionally, open-air gymnasiums, cycling tracks, a bowling alley, and hiking trails will be available, offering a wide range of sports and activities for visitors to relish in this valley. Situated in an ideal location, the Sports Valley is merely a 5-minute drive from the M2 Islamabad-Lahore Motorway and the Rawalpindi Ring Road. Moreover, it provides direct access from Defence Road.

Prominent Features of the Blue World City Sports Valley Block:

  1. Villaggio Mall: A magnificent shopping destination within the Sports Valley, offering a diverse range of retail outlets and entertainment options.
  2. Replica of Blue Mosque: An impressive replica of the iconic Blue Mosque, adding a touch of architectural grandeur to the Sports Valley.
  3. Torch Hotel: The Torch Hotel, an exquisite accommodation option, will provide a luxurious stay experience for visitors to the Sports Valley.

The Blue World City Sports Valley Block is poised to become a hub of sporting excellence, attracting sports enthusiasts and visitors from far and wide. With its exceptional amenities, strategic location, and exciting features, the Sports Valley promises an immersive and thrilling experience for all.

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