blue mosque

Blue World City Blue Mosque

Blue Mosque reflects architectural tradition and Islamic civilization in Istanbul, Turkey. For the same reason. Blue World City is going to feature the Blue Mosque replica in Pakistan. It will not only be a replica of the Blue Mosque but also feature the same essence. The mosque will be developed on 104 Kanals, and the area will be the same as the original mosque occupies. 

The development of the mosque will create an awe-inspiring spiritual experience and set as the trademark of Blue Mosque, Istanbul. Blue World City Blue Mosque was designed and developed by professional engineers, architects, and craftsmen, imitating the same design and infrastructure as the original with the same passion. 

Highlighted Features

The highlighted features of the Blue World City Blue Mosque are:

  • Total land: 43494 Sq. Meter
  • Covering total area for Ground Floor: 7946 Sq. Meter
  • Covering total area for basement: 5018.52 Sq. Meter
  • Total indoor capacity: 15000 (more than Istanbul’s Blue Mosque, which is 10000)
  • 6 Minarets, 5 Main Domes, 8 Secondary Domes
  • Park Area: 35548 Sq. Meter (to adjust thousands of believers on certain special occasions)
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