burj al arab

Blue World City Corporate Office

The Corporate Office of BWC will establish a replica of Burj-Al-Arab in Blue World City, which will be 300 feet tall. There will be 17 floors, with the first three floors reserved for the basement. Burj-al-Arab covers a total area of 11802 sq. meters. 

This structure will have corporate offices for all kinds of business dealing and executive penthouse apartments. Inspired by the Thailand Botanical Gardens, its sky towers have been designed. In addition, the Helipad, Sky roof restaurant, and rooftop tennis court are the most prominent features of this structure. 

Prominent Features

So, the highlighted features of the Blue World City Burj-Al-Arab are:

  • 300 Feet Tall
  • Covering 11802 Sq. Meter
  • 119 Feet High Atrium
  • 14 Floors
  • 3 Basements
  • Gym & Spy
  • Sky View Towers
  • Sky roof Restaurant
  • RoofTop Tennis Court
  • Helipad
  • Corporate Offices
  • Executive Penthouse Apartments
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